Hello guys i have some whatsapp hidden tricks that nobody even know. These new whatsapp hidden tricks are not shared by youtubers untill now or may be if shared then you don’t know. Some best whatsapp new tricks that i thing you should know. These contains some tricks that are available for developers and some tricks that are for all. If you also want to become whatdapp beta user then you can click here to join whatspap beta now.

Now before joining whatsapp beta you should know what is whatsapp testing. Whenever whatsapp launches there new features then before rolling out it to everyone they provides the new whatsapp update to only some specific group pf people. And these people are know as whatsapp beta tester. This new whatsapp update always contains bugs that may cause to crashing of official app. So whatsapp never ask you to join this feature. But even if you want to join then you can enroll for it.

Now lets go with whatsapp hidden tricks that you should use in 2018 and also everyone should use these features. These whatsapp tricks may be not available for all users. So if you want all features then join whatsapp beta. Also if you finds any problem with whatsapp beta then you can leave this from playstore.

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10 whatsapp hidden tricks for 2018

1. Check bluetick even if they turned off read receipt

As we know that when some turned of read receipt that we can check blueticks. And we can only see grey tick. Due to this we are not able to find whether person have seen our message is is he/she checking my message or not. This can solved by whatsapp hidden tricks that allows you to see bluetick. for this trick you have to just send them one sound.

You can send them one recording or voice message and then tricks starts. I don’t know but read receipt not works in sound recorded messages and you can see blueticks on that message. If you are not sure then you can try this with you mobile. Ask your friend to turn of read receipt. And then send him recorded sound and you can see bluetick. This is most useful whatsapp hidden tricks that we can use in 2018.

2. Only admins can send message

In most whatsapp groups which are made for sharing useful information are sometimes used to chat in group. And this situations is not accepted by group admin and some whatsapp users. For handling this situation whatsapp have added new feature for admin that only he can send message in group and other can see messages and not type. This feature is useful in whatsapp when people starts to chat in groups which are made for sharing useful information. Also with this admin can also make to group that only he or she can change whatsapp group name. To do this go to group and do this.

Group info/ Group settings/

3. Request account info

Now you can also download your full whatsapp report. This report includes are your group info and contact info. You can download this report anytime. But first you have to request for report and then it will take some time. You can always check the status. After  some days of wait you can directly download this report.


This report don’t includes chats and videos or picture/image messages because they are end to end encrypted. The only info you will see in this report is is about group names and your contacts and your mobile number with status etc. To download this report you have to do.

setting/ account/ Request account info

4. Whatsapp secret app

There is one App in weekend trick under hacking app section which contains 5 whatsapp hidden tricks tool that you can use. The app name is YouTube thumbnail downloader. If you will open that app then you can see 5 whatsapp hidden tricks inside that which are simple and easy to use.

  • Text to emoji converter
  • Text status for free
  • Status saver
  • Direct WHATSAPP chat without saving contact
  • Text copying 1000 times

To Download this app CLICK HERE

5. Chat even if somebody blocked.

If somebody blocked you on whatsapp then you can chat. You have to just follow the simple whatsapp hidden trick which is whatsapp new trick and not known by many of people. This is also not yet fixed by whatsapp so you can use this trick. And you can chat with others if they blocked you. For this you have to ask your friend to make a whatsapp group and add you and the other person who blocked you in group. Then even if you are blocked by that person, you both can chat. Now you can’t make group and can add that person in group because it will show an error. But you friend can do this. So now enjoy and chat with person who blocked you.

6. Don’t hold recording button for voice message

I think we all people while sending voice message, holds the mic button to record but it is not needed. You can just press that button and swipe up to lock that button. When the button will be locked then you can record your message and can take off your finger from mic button AND you can record without holding button. This is whatsapp new trick in 2018 and not all people know about this. Also if you are not able to lock. Then please join whatsapp beta tester programme and after 3.5 hours update your whatsapp. After update is successfull, this feature will be given to you for public use.


7. Stop whatsapp photos to saving in gallery

Sometime some useless medias which are not required by us saves to gallery. This may be a problem with some specific group or person or whole whatsapp. If you don’t want to save media in your gallery through whatsapp then you can use below methods to cease this. Also this will let you to stop saving images, videos in gallery from whatsapp only. To apply this method which is different for groups and whole whatsapp

for whole whatsapp Settings/ Chats/ Show media in gallery
for group or person Setting/ Media visibility

Turn off media visibility from settings and then this media will not save in your gallery. If you have problem with one chat or group. Then use second method or if you have problem with whole whatsapp then use first method.

8. Don’t show status to particular chat

If you don’t want to show your status from particular chat then you can do this. By this way your whatsapp status can never be seen by those people. And for this you don’t have block the person. This is simple method and useful like if you want to hide status from your friend or any other person. But remember this setting will be applied to all future whatsapp status. So you have to change this setting when you want people to show status also.


The idea behind this is if you don’t want some poople to see your status that may contains something that is not belongs to them. Then you can use this settings or if somebody annoying you after status update then you can use this trick. This trick is used for many tasks and also you can use this trick.

Status/ status privacy/ my contacts excepts    ok

9. Read message without opening whatsapp

Since sometimes we want to respond to some particular chat in whatsapp without opening whatsapp. Then you can tick message as read from notification by updating whatsapp. This is new feature which is available in whatsapp beta only so you have to join whatsapp beta program for this. Also you can leave this programme. You can see how mark as read option came in notification. When you click this then people gets bluetick as you have read this message and this also lets you to read without coming online







10. More whatsapp tricks

Never use whatsapp other than official whatsapp From playstore. You may have seen many whatsapp version that allows you do more tricks in whatsapp. Those can steal your whatsapp data so stop using those whatsapps other than playstore


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