Guys these are some best android apps that you can download in year 2019. These are top must have android apps that are really amazing and think you can use them ti make your work simple, also some amazing android apps that do amazing things. Also give some new android apps that will make your android phone better and you can also trick your friends. These android apps are available on  Google play store and you can directly download them.

The list of best android apps that i have shown below also not consumes lot of space and with their features will keep them. These apps also are free android apps and some apps have no ads so you can use them. Also some apps offer amazing graphics and some apps offer amazing features. After so many people using android, the request of new android apps are increasing day by day and i have giving best android apps that you can download. I know some apps may be heavier but you can download them according to mobile requirement.

Best android apps to download

1. Xplayer

Xplayer is an amzing android app that is actually a video player. Before 2016 MXplayer is used by lot of people. But then mx player added some irritating ads in their apps that even if you pause the video, player shows ads on screen. Due to this this app became so irritating because while watching videos, we don’t want ads on screen. The solution of this problem is either off internet or buy premium version. But lot of people cannot buy so they started using xplayer.

x player is same like mx player and have same features that mx player gives. Also it offers features that are easy to see. So lot of people started using this and now x player is also most downloaded app of google. X player don’t have ads in their free version, means x player shows ads but not like mx player. Their ads don’t come everywhere and you can pause videos but will not see any ad.  So xplayer is better to download

2. Google FIT

Lot of people get smartwaches so that when they run they can measures their steps and heart beating. The trend of measuing steps grown so much that people bought smarwatches and then separate devices for this available in market. Now google did this with only help of mobile, gps and their android app. Like google can tell you how many steps you have taken and don’t have to buy anything for that. Just download Google fit and it can tell you where you gone and how many steps you have taken.

The google fit app also tells about your calories burned during day and tell about your goals daily. Like if you have set to walk x metres. Then google will tell you everyday you have walked less than x meters and if walked more than more then x meters.

3. Mi drop

Lot of people using shareit but due to now change and lot of ads, people hate share it. So started to use its alternative but even then they can’t find anything good. Because every apps shows ads and some irritating apps. Some apps and no easy interface so people also thinks how to use this. But mi drop i think is the best sharing app i have seen. Its from mi and inbuilt in every xiaomi phone. But other phone can also download this app from google.

On opening this app you will see only two button to send or receive files and i think people only wants simple interface. So you can also download this apps from Google and can use it. Its simple and easy to use and like other apps. But also it sometimes no fast and sometimes too fast due to use that i have did on it.

4. Mobizen

Mobizen is an best android apps to record mobile screen that i think not easy to recrod. And i’m telling about this app because with one earphone from same owner you can also record inbuilt sounds of device which i think not offered by any device or any screen recorder. Because some times people want to record some inbuilt sound of android but you can’t record them. Like if you like any apps sound or any other sound of your mobile but you want to make it mobile sound or anything then you can only do this by recoding mobile sound. To record that sound you need something that can record not outside sounds through mic but also inbuilt sounds of mobile through any ic chip.

Only mobizen offers this so you can use this to record mobile screen and alos mobile inbuilts sound. Mobizen also offers a features to show your watermark on recorded screen or don’t show anaything. You can also pause screen recording and can also see time that how much time you have screen recording is on.

5. iOS 11 ICONS

iOS 11 Icons app is an best android apps to make your mobile look like ios icons. If you love iPhone and also love iPhone icons then you can install this app and can make your mobile icon to look just like iPhone icons. Also it offer icons big as iPhone have so may you will also like it. iOS 11 ICON APP offers same icons that iPhone mobile have and also calender icon shows current date and settings icons have amazing gears graphics design. So i think this app is amazing and you can use this app.

so this is the list of best android appsthat you can download. If you want more from us then you can comment below. Also tell us if you want us to make post on something that we have not posted yet. So you can also follow me if you like.


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