To earn free paytm cash we need lot of things. First if you have an android mobuile then you can earn free paytm cash. Because now on internet there are lot of apps that are giving free paytm and you can really use them to earn paytm cash. To earn paytm cash there you have to just work in apps and you can get free paytm money daily. Also these are some cool android apps that are offering free paytm cash so make sure you are using these apps to earn free paytm cash. These are also amazing apps that have instant transfer of paytm cash and you can earn paytm cash here.

Paytm now becoming more usable method in internet. Paytm means pay through mobile and i think lot of guys uses this to pay money in shops. Also paytm gives lot of cashbacks and offers to pay on shops and other methods. Thats why people uses paytm. Due to acceptance of paytm in shops, store, online and i think most of places accept paytm. People wants to earn free paytm cash. Also there are lot of apps that gives free paytm cash daily and you can earn paytm cash there.

If you want to use these apps daily then you can use these app to earn free paytm cash on apps. I have lot of apps that gives highest paytm cash and gives money instantly and also there are daily offers in those apps means task daily which you can complete to earn money. These apps also gives more cash like Rs.19 per refer in paytm  directly. And i think you can use these apps to earn more paytm cash. These apps gives Rs.19 paytm cash when you refer this app to your friend. Which i think is best in these apps. Not all but many apps gives lot of money on refer.

Earn free paytm cash daily

1. Bulbsmash

Earn free paytm by bulbsmash app. This app gives lot of money because this is the app that gives Rs.19 paytm cash directly on transfer. So i think you should refer this app to your friends and then you can really earn lot of money using this app. Because only by referring this apps give Rs.19 cash and you can refer this to all your friends to i think earn paytm cash for one pizza or one dinner outside(JUST KIDDING) here.

Also if you don’t want to refer this app to your friends and want to earn money then you can do that. Also you can earn money here by various methods. Like here when you will download this app you will find many games inside where you can put money and can earn money in return. You have to win the game and if you will won then you can get paytm cash from here. Also by playing day by day if you will become more good in playing these games them you can i think earn paytm cash from here daily.


2. Bulbsmash cash

Bulbsmash cash is also app by same owner but now here you can play cricket to earn paytm cash. I mean here you have to play cricket and have to make more runs in 60 balls. You will get 2 free games if you will download from link below. After that you have to play. There are lot of people playing this game daily. The person who makes more run get more paytm cash. Means lot of people will play this game and everybody makes run in game. The people who makes more run in day gets rank and rank wise paytm money is given daily.

The first rank gets Rs.5100 money the second rank gets Rs 2100 and like wise first 100 PEOPLE of day get paytm money. So even if you can’t come to first you can come to to 10 to earn more and top 100 to earn some paytm cash. This game i like because of this but you also gets more games to play in this app. Also this app gives Rs.10 per refer so you can refer this game to your friends and they can play too and you can also get free paytm cash by this.

GET Rs. 10 paytm cash and 2 cricket games -> DOWNLOAD FROM HERE

3. 4funapp

4funapp gives paytm cash but here you gets LESS MONEY means Rs.5 per refer. This app is similar to other videos apps like and other apps but here when you refer this app to your friend then you directly gets Rs. 5 in paytm cash. To earn free paytm cash daily you can use this app but you have to refer this app to your friends. The best part is this app also gives Rs.1 paytm cash per one video share on whatsapp.

This is amazing feature of this app but its only for first week and youi can only share six video in 1 day. But the best part is when you share the video with your friend then also link is shared automatically and if people install this apps from this link then you will get Rs.5 cash. You can share funny videos which people will like so they can download this app.



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