Now i will show you How to get likes for instagram daily. I will give tips on Free instagram likes procedure. Hello guys as you know Instagram is a popular service. Instagram is a brilliant way to share memories and favourite moments with friends, family, and random followers. If you’re posting a lot of photos but not receiving as many likes as you want, follow these simple steps to get more likes.

Instagram is really an amazing service. People uses this to promote their brand because of lot of engagement on site. The guys who become popular on Instagram gets lot of likes and followers daily. But sometimes even after getting followers. Instgaram likes don’t comes. So here i will show you how to get likes

Even if you started using instagram now you don’t know what to do and how to gain followers and likes on instagram. So this guide will help you to gain likes and followers on instagram.

How to get likes for instagram

There are seriously many ways to get free instagram likes. Because there is a basic formula behind getting likes for instagram.

And the formula is you will only get likes on photos if people want to like.

The main idea behind this line is even if you gets so many followers, you will never gain likes. Why? Because people (your friends) who know you will only like your photos. For example. If you will open instagram and see lot of photos of people whom you don’t know. So what you will do. You will simply ignore or unfollow.

Thats the main reason behind why people unfollow us if we gets free followers. Now the likes you gets on instgaram is because all they people either know you or they liked your photo so much that they give a like. Now you main work is to make your followers to drop a like on your photo and the procedure here is very simple.

1. Follow people of same niche

If you have a instagram profile related to same niche (category) then you can get likes easily. This is generally for business profiles. Who want to grow their business on instagram. Lie if you have profile of any category who post photos related to same. Then people who like those categories will absolutely like your photo.

For example. If you have a cloths page. Then if you will follow people who likes new clothes will absolutely like your photo. Now the next step is here how to know about people of your niche.

Its very simple just go to instagram and type the name of business related yo your category. Then open account and follow all the people who are following that page. For example if you have clothes page then find any other popular page and follow all people of that page or as you like. Then what will happen is the profiles who will unfollow you back will absolutely like your photos.

2. Use hashtags

Using hashtags gives likes also and for that you download any app. The app which provides hashtags. Just find the hashtags similar to your niche and put that in your photos. Then you will see lot of likes from people. Because when you uses hashtags then your post come in front of people who likes those and they given a like. So using hashtags will also give you so much followers on instagram.

3. Interact with followers

If you will gain followers and will interact with them. Then will also give a like on photos. The simple procedure behind this is to like their photos and videos and you will get them in back. Like JAISE KROGE WAISA BHAROGE

If you will like photos of all people whom you following then they will also like your photos. This way also makes free likes on instagram. Use this and get Free instagram likes on photos. My next post will about video views so subscribe by allowing notiifcation bell given at the bottom.




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