Many people didn’t know how to make a website professionally. Since its easy to find how to create a website but not easy to make good one. Because before making any website you need to think about every term. You have to think about how to Rank it on Google. You have to think about everything like good SEO, And all this means How to make a website professionally. The website is now good way for long term earning.

Because once you ranked on Google then as long as work you will get money. But its not easy website cannot be simply ranked on Google. You have think about your niche and then only you can rank. First i will tell you here how to make your own website then i will tell you how to setup. You need to know about everything like domain provider and hosting. Then only you can make website

Domain provider like godaddy will be used to register Domain. It mean you will register a website. Its not like you will buy a website and then you can add anything to it. If you will buy a domain. It means you have registered this website on your name only and nothing else. Now hosting means you can add content to your website. Like now you can write posts on website which people can read.

Hosting is a service that stores your website data in server on some ip address which you can access. This is like the data in your website is stored in device whose IP is given to you. Using that IP you can access that device data. Now you can connect this IP with your website so that whenever any people open website he will redirected to that website. But its not your headache because you have to do this only one time.


How to make a website

First you have to go to Godaddy to register one domain. Like you want .com or .in or .org website. The difference in these is that

.in is available in Less costs but this website only works in india
.com is available for some more cost but works everywhere in world
.org gets extra  large then .com but this for educational websites

Now if you want to only Want your website to work in India then you can buy .in and .com for everywhere. For this you visit and can buy a domain.

  1. First you need to  enter the domain name and click search DOMAIN NAME
  2. If domain is available then ADD TO CART
  3. Then click continue to cart and go to next page
  4. Then if you want privacy protection you can add it. By adding it nobody can know about owner personal info otherwise select No thanks
  5. After that make Godaddy account and checkout
  6. You can select this for one year only


how to make a website

After you gets this you need to buy hosting

How to buy hosting

There are many hosting provider from where you can buy hosting. Hosting is like a service which stores your data in server. Like if you want to upload songs, videos on your website which people can download. Then hosting will store that data for you. Also hosting just gives you a IP Address of device. You have to place that IP to your website in Godaddy domain manager section.

Here is the list of some hosting provider websites

  • HostGator.
  • GoDaddy.
  • Bluehost.
  • iPage.
  • InMotion Hosting.
  • HostFav.

You can use Godaddy hosting because it will make you simple to start. If you selects godaddy hosting then just do steps.

  1. Click here to buy Godaddy hosting.
  2. After that Select Economy plan or starter plan.
  3. You can read about plans given like bandwidth and storage.
  4. Then Select 1 year plan because it will be cheaper than every.
  5. After buy the hosting plan.
  6. After that click here.
  7. Now click on setup.
  8. Then choose your domain and next.
  9. Then select the data centre, Recommended Asia.
  10. Now click on Setup wordpress.
  11. Now after setting WordPress you will get wordpress details in email
  12. Then signin to wordpress
  13. After that you can select any theme in wordpress and can add data and pages to it.

How to make website online

Now after you have setup or website with wordpress. After making all pages like about, disclaimer and making post. You have to make website online. For that you have to go to hosting page in Godaddy and find the IP address given to you. This is called static IP address because if its not static then your website can never run. Changing IP means devices and if devices that stores your data always changes then you website will run for 2 hours only.


After that you have to update this IP address in your website @A

For this you have to go to domain setting and paste your IP Address there. This i’m telling if you haven’t bought C Panel then you can do this. You just need to click on My domain from menu. Then click on three vertical dots and click domain setting. There you will find your DNS and a menu in which at the top @A is written. In this you have to paste the IP address.

since before pasting IP address in domain settings under @A, You can’t access your site from domain name. You have to write that IP address to access that website. But after pasting this address in @A, you can access your site directly from domain name. After that its completed from Godaddy domain and hosting.

Now log into wordpress and add new pages, new posts and new content to your website. You can add posts from posts section. Also before this make sure you install important plugins like yoast seo and other plugins also which i will share in next post.

Now you have basic knowledge of everything. Now just find your niche on which you will run your site and make a good looking website. Thanks from Weekend tricks





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