Rooting android device is very simple task but not after android 6.0 and android 7.0, Here i will show you the complete procedure of how to root android 7.0 and root android 6.0 easily. If you will root android phone then it means now you are the administrator of your phone. Before rooting android phone first of all you should know what is rooting and why should you have to root android phone so that you can better understand the things.

Why should i ROOT?

I think if you are rooting android mobile then you know what are the benefits of rooting an android mobile. Rooting and android phone means giving permission to external files and softwares/apps to use your phone internal files. So that any app or software can modify your phone files, it means now you can modify your mobile and some internal files also to change phone user interface or any application.

root android 6.0, how to root android 7.0

Most people root android phone to install custom ROMS and special features which are not available in phone. LIKE if you are on android 5.0 then after rooting you can go to android 6.0 or android 7.0 and even android 8.0 oreo, you can also install custom ROMS like Pixel rom, iOS Roms to experience whole User interface of other phones. Also you can modify your phone features like installing face lock like in iPhone x. So these are benefits of rooting android phone.

There are 2 methods to root android:

1. How to root android 7.0 / 6.0 using kingoroot tool

You can root your android 7.0 and root android 6.0 and this step needs pc or laptop or computer to work. You also have to download TWRP recovery.img file for your mobile which is available on google. So kindly first download TWRP recovery image file. To download file you can also search on Google Download (your mobile name) TWRP img file or search on YouTube and link may be provided in video description.

root android 6.0, how to root android 7.0

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  1. Download/install kingoroot tool in your pc
  2. Now install adb drivers in your PC
  3. Now if needed install phone drives (only if needed).
  4. Now open command prompt (cmd) and connect your phone to pc
  5. Turn on USB Debugging mode for you phone.
  6. Now Open the Kingo ROOT\tools folder. In the tools folder, type CMD at the address bar and press enter. Type the following command:
adb reboot bootloader
fastboot flash recovery (pull the twrp.img into cmd)


fastboot flash recovery D:\KingoROOT\tools\twrp-3.0.2-0-flounder.img
fastboot reboot

Now after that you have reboot your phone and have to go to TWRP recovery using special keys combination for your phone (search for your mobile on google). After that you have open TWRP Recovery and then click on install and select supersu which you can download from below and then install supersu. That’s all your phone is rooted now. and by this way you can root android 7.0 and root android 6.0

KingoRoot tool

2. How to root android 7.0 and 6.0

Android 7.0 and 6.0 nougat comes with very tight security and to root android 7.0 you can’t use any app and it means you can never root android 7.0, but still there is another way to bypass this problem. You first need to install any custom recovery like CWM or TWRP in your android phone and then have to install Supersu file from TWRP to root your android mobile. The Complete procedure to install TWRP Recovery and then installing super su file given below.

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How to install TWRP Recovery

Now TWRP is not same for all mobiles so you have to find the correct TWRP file for your mobile. First of all go to YouTube and type How to install TWRP recovery in your mobile name. Then you have to download the Recovery.img file for your mobile. Now this process needs Laptop/computer/PC.

  1. Now if you have mediatek (MTK) Processor mobile then using SPtool you have to install the recovery.img file using PC

how to root android 7.0

  1. And if you have any other processor phone like snapdragon, there should be any tool available for your device on internet. (you can find this tool by watching any video on youtube SEARCH How to install TWRP in your mobile name using PC)

how to root android 7.0

after installing TWRP Recovery you have to install another file called supersu to root android phone. Now to root android 7.0, you have to download the supersu file which is same to root android 6.0


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so these are the two ways to root android 7.0 and root android 6.0, now i think you know how to root android 7.0 and root android 6.0 , but its very simple and you can apply these methods to root android 6.0 or root android 7.0, I have also added two YouTube video tutorial below so that you can better understand the whole procedure.

YouTube video tutorial


so now you can use these two methods which are simple to root android 7.0 and android 6.0 and using this you can also root android 8.0 and these are best methods to root android phone. Also these methods can be used to root samsung or root android device and to root android phone so don’t worry and root your mobile now.



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