Today everybody want to earn paytm cash. But now its like, no app and game actually give free paytm cash. But i have found 3 best apps to earn free paytm cash and these apps and games to earn free paytm cash really paying lot of paytm cash to their users daily. There are many games like cricket games where you have to play c ricket and win the game. And every winner gets Rs. 5000 paytm cash daily.

Some apps which gives paytm cash on quiz, like if you are able to solve the quiz then you will get Rs.500 paytm cash. Some apps like prediction based where you have to predict the score of playing teams and gives free paytm cash and some apps gives free paytm cash by sharing videos. So i have found all these apps which i’m gonna tell you how you can use these apps to earn free paytm cash daily. Because here you can earn paytm cash by playing games also and this is like earn and fun. Where you have to play and winners gets paytm cash.

1. Bulbsmash cash

it is my one of the favourite game to earn paytm cash. Because in all other apps you have to play quiz games or complete some task but this game gives paytm cash on playing cricket game and if you scores highest run of the day then you will get Rs.5100 paytm cash. Even though its not like only player with RANK 1 (highest run) gets paytm cash. But first 100 player who have played the game  gets free paytm cash.

So this is i think best game to earn free paytm cash daily. Because when you redeem the cash then in some seconds you gets it on paytm wallet. And this game have this task daily, so you can earn paytm cash daily. Now before starting how to play this game to earn Rs.5100 paytm cash daily, i’m going to show you how to proceed and earn free paytm cash daily.

  1. Download bulbsmash cash from here to get Rs.20 signup bonus.
  2. Then open the game and login with facebook account.
  3. Then you can see 4 games but here we are discussing about 4th game Cash Cricket Play
  4. Open this game and you can directly play this game or practice.
  5. This game isn’t free to play because it need Rs.10 to play 2 games.
  6. Now you will only get two chances to score highest.
  7. The highest score everyday goes upto 311 Runs and this player wins Rs.5100 paytm cash
  8. But Second player also gets Rs.2100 paytm cash and likewise 3rd gets Rs.500 daily
  9. Likewise all first 100 player gets some paytm cash for playing.
  10. The trick to score highest in the game is to make 6 and 4 runs in every ball
  11. And this is simple but risky because six runs and 4 runs also increases the chnaces of catch out.
  12. I have shown this trick in my youtube video below.

bulb smash cash

Now you have to just install this app and you will get Rs.20 signup bonus. You can use these Rs.20 to play this game 2 times. Means you have 4 chances to score highest in the game. The good thing is there is a practice mode which is free and you can practice there to score and get RANK 1 in the game ir atleast Rank 2 beacuse they also gets highest paytm cash. And this is the best game to earn paytm cash. You can earn paytm cash daily for playing cricket game. The best thing is this app is real and pays very fast.

4fun app

4fun is also the best ever app i have found for earning paytm cash where you can earn money by watching and sharing videos and also by referring app to your friends. The best part in the app is that by referring this app to your friend you gets Rs. 7 but on signup you gets Rs.50 paytm cash. But you can get the Rs. 50 paytm cash only from the link given below. But I will also tell you about way to earn paytm cash by referrals.

4fun app link   CLICK ON ME TO DOWNLOAD


Now the amazing way to earn paytm cash is that you can use Nox player to create as many emulator as you want and then you can refer the app as many times as you want but the practical limit is 1000 referrals means you can only go upto Rs. 7000 paytm cash.








Yes it is right because one gmail gives Rs. 7 paytm cash directly onto wallet without any fees and likewise 1000 gmail gives Rs 7000 paytm cash. Now for this you need to download one software called NOX player. The direct link of Nox player is given in this article below. Nox player is used to create emulators mean android phones. You can create as many android phones in nox player as much you want.


You can create 1000 or 2000 or 10,000 its all up to you. But as we going to higher level the emulator starts to stop working. That’s why i only included 1000 emulators. But you can also try by deleting and re creating emulators. This way you can create 1000 emulators without any system break. The process is simple you only need to have one laptop and source to create gmail IDs.


  1. From here Download 4fun app to get Rs.50 signup bonus
  2.  Now after installing open the app and login with Google account
  3. Now go to accounts and you can see your balance.
  4. Now Go to videos section and click on any video
  5.  After that click on whatsapp share and you will get your referral link from there







Now download Nox player

  1. Install Nox player and make as many emulator as you want
  2. At last install 4fun app in every emulator from your referral link
  3. This whole process only need email ids which you need to create
  4. The whole process is explained in video given at bottom

Youtube video

3. Bulbsmash

Bulbsmash app the first app i have used to earn paytm cash and it is one of the best way to earn paytm cash but its not that much easy. In bulbsmash game you have to just smash the bulbs to earn paytm cash. Here you have to smash bulb and you will get paym cash for smashing highest bulbs in a day. Like if you can smash highest amount of bulbs in a game then you will get Rs. 350 paytm cash.

You will get one complete day to smash bulbs but people with Rank 1 earns Rs. 350 paytm cash. But first 100 people smashed highest amount of bulbs also gets paytm cash. The amount reduces by Rank like first 10 Ranks gets highest amount then next 10 people gets less then next 10 gets less then previous people. The whole process i have explained the video

In this app you will find two games two games called BULB SMASH and SUPER LEVEL where in bulb smash you can earn money by smashing bulbs but in SUPER LEVEL you can also earn money. In SUPER level you will be given with some limited time to smash bulbs and if you can smash highest amount of bulbs then you can get Rs 350 paytm cash and you can also earn Rs 350 paytm cash daily

Also in this game if you want to score highest in the game then you have to buy some booster packs which gives you booster like smashing one one bulb is equals 10. This way you can smash bulbs and can get Rank 1. The highest daily amount of paytm cash is Rs 350 but 2nd 3rd also gets Rs 200 and Rs 100 and below this people gets money. And first 100 people gets free paytm cash




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