Lot of people using android today and android covers 70% of total user markets in whole world. Android is one of the most popular brand among mobile devices and lot of people prefer android to buy because it has lot of feature and also one of the cheapest brand. So many people uses this android but don’t know the secret android hack and also android tricks and some android codes which are really awesome for you.

Since there are lot of secret hidden menu available in android which only given for developers and also only developer uses these settings. But some android settings and android codes are for all users. Android can’t self advertise this thing so they developer shares this kind of tricks. Here i will show you amazing android hack, some android tricks and some android codes which can make your device fast and smart. Some settings to get free work from android and some work which makes your phone really a smart phone.

android tricks, android codes, android hack

Now using these settings and codes will not affect your phone. You will feel smart enough and embarrassed that you didn’t used this before. These settings are related to hiding folder without any app, reducing battery drainage percentage, opening android file manager even if password is set, changing status without root, installing apps in sdcard from playstore and much more.

These android settings, android hack, android tricks and android codes no needs root access and works in every android phone, except some devices. But it doesn’t mean no android hack or android codes will work in your android. Also after applying these android hack your experience about using android will completely change. And you can also use these hacks to optimize your android performance. These android hack will not affect your phone so no worries.

Android tricks

1. Save battery life

You know you can save android battery life and drainage percentage if you will apply some secret android hack. This android hack will not affect your phone in any way. The hack is if you will use any wallpaper with black wallpaper then your battery will drain slow. If you thinking why then, If we switch our android wallpaper to black then the pixels which are covered by black wallpaper automatically start turning off. So of there are lesser number of pixels turned on in android device then batter drainage percentage will automatically reduce.

android codes

Also turning off live wallpaper or any live activity which continuously running on phone, saves battery life. If there is any widget in your home screen then you should turn it off because it drains large amount of battery. And at last minimizing phone brightness, putting background running apps limit and phone screen turn on time also saves lot of battery.

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2. Hide files

You can also hide any file from file manager without any app. Lot of people even uses apps to hide files but there is no need of any app. Because there is android hack that hides android file easily. This hack is that you have to put a dot before folder name.

For example if you have folder with name DCIM then you will have to rename it to .DCIM

android hack

This extension hide files because if you will turn show hidden files. Then you will see all files have dot in the beginning. If you want to find the hidden folder anytime then you have to turn on show hidden files from menu. For that you can long press menu button and in options you will see show hidden files. After turning on you can see that folder.

3. Access android file manager even if user set password

You can access file manager of android phone even if user have set password. You can also access to all files, view pictures and watch videos. The android hack is you have to go to google chrome and type file:///sdcard/ in URL section. This will open your sdcard and then you can see all the files. You can also access to any file. can view pictures and watch video. Even if user has set password you can open anything from file manager. This is one of the most amazing android hack.

4. Save battery by Installing Pixoff app

As you know you can save large amount of battery by turning of pixels. But if you don’t want to use black wallpaper. Then you can use Pixoff app which turn off pixels of your mobile by a certain pattern which saving large amount of battery. So you can install this app and can save the battery drainage percentage. This process turn off certain pixels and won’t affect your device performance except you will feel decremented in brightness. But this process really saves large amount of battery and reduces battery drainage time.

battery save

[appbox googleplay com.urysoft.pixelfilter ]

5. Install app directly in SDcard

android trick

You can install apps from Google playstore directly in your SD Card. This android hack is so good and useful. But its not available for all mobile. The hack is if you will go to developer options in your android. Then at bottom of menu you will see install apps in SD Card, but this settings is not available for all mobiles. You may see this option may be at last or bottom or anywhere on the menu, but it is not available in all devices.

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To go to this option

  1. Go to settings
  2. Then go to bottom and select About phone
  3. Then find Build number and tap that 7 times
  4. Then come back to settings and you will see new menu option called Developer menu/option
  5. Then open this menu, find install apps in SD card
  6. Enable this option

After this your all apps from Play store will now start installing in SD Card.

Android codes

6. Advance factory reset.


This code resets your phone completely, deletes all the phone data and most amazing is it reinstall the phone firmware once again. So if your phone not working good, or has virus, or running slow then you can use this phone to make it to go Advance factory reset. 


This code also makes factory reset but it is normal factory reset and it only deletes android installed android apps and system apps data. But this is also important that sometimes if factory reset failed to work then you can use this code.

7. Android tricks


This code is so useful and hidden menu or settings for android. Using this code you can change many settings in your android mobile. Like you can change network option to set only 3G or only 4G and also only 5G when it will come.

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You can also check about Battery info, Usage statistics, WiFi information. Using WiFi information you can check about WiFi status like WiFi MAC Address, Link speed or speed of network, Netwrok ID, SSID and Network state which is really important fro all of us to know.


Changing the power button behavior-Enables direct power-off once the code enabled. This changes the power button working like holding power button will do something else and pressing power button will do anything else.

NOTE: These android code may be not supported by all android phones, due to manufacturer. But most of code are supported by all androids.





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