Now you can Apply Dark mode in YouTube without Root. Youtube hasn’t got dark mode in android till now but Windows and Ios have youtube dark mode. In android we can apply youtube dark mode by three ways which are, using Modified youtube app or using edited youtube app which works in rooted android or by simple way which need to change one xml file of youtube app and that can be done without root. This is the best thing we have to get youtube dark theme.

Google has announced dark theme for both windows version and iOS VERSION. But its not yet came to android version. So if we want to Apply Dark mode in YouTube without Root on android then that need root permission which most of user won’t grant. But i want to tell you that YouTube app has dark theme in android which is forcefully set to false and not enabled. This settings is stored in xml file. If you want to edit that app then you need root permission. But using adb we can apply this without root.

Before starting how to Apply Dark mode in YouTube without Root. We have to know how this works because if you will not know what we are going to do then how can we work together. This is simple and easy and you can do this by using computer or laptop or PC. In youtube app there is one file which contains all youtube developers setting. In developers setting the youtube dark mode is set disabled but we can enable that by changing this xml file. You can just replace that xml file in youtube and then your youtube will become or get dark theme and if you want white theme again then just uninstall and install from playstore again from link below


[appbox googleplay ]

How it works?

Every Android application stores their data in a location that’s only accessible to that app. For YouTube, that location is in /data/data/ Within this location is the shared preferences folder which contains XML files that hold the app’s settings. The youtube.xml file contains the preferences that define whether the app should display the dark theme (among other things). By default, that preference value is false. Manually modifying this value to be true requires root access because all files within /data (excluding /data/media, which requires the appropriate external storage permissions to read/write) are inaccessible to third-party apps without root. But we can take advantage of built-in, first-party tools to work around that restriction.


The files in the shared preferences folder can be backed up manually by ADB or automatically to Google Drive if the app allows it. We can take advantage of the former backup method by preparing our own modified backup file to restore that contains a modified youtube.xml with the dark theme preference set to value. That’s exactly what was done here—we took a YouTube ADB backup, unpacked it, modified it, and then re-packed it all using this tool. You can unpack the .ab file we made yourself to verify its contents if you like. Restoring this .ab file overwrites the original youtube.xml file, thus forcing the dark mode value to be set to true.

Apply Dark mode in YouTube without Root

  1. To Apply Dark mode in YouTube without Root. Update your youtube app first from the link given above.
  2. Then download adb tools for your windows
  3. Download from AndroidFileHost.
  4. Extract YouTubeDarkTheme_XDA.ab from the zip file and place it in the adb folder.
  5. In Redmi mobiles you need to Turn On USB Debugging and USB Debugging(Security setting) both. Because if second is not available then it will not work.
  6. Go adb folder and press shift and right click together and slelect open in cmd.
  7. If you will see power shell in place of cmd prompt then use second method.
  8. Second method go to adb folder and in the address feild type cmd and press enter.
  9. Then type the command in cmd promt.
    Windows Command Prompt: adb restore YouTubeDarkTheme_XDA.ab
    Windows Power Shell: .\adb restore YouTubeDarkTheme_XDA.ab
    macOS Terminal: ./adb restore YouTubeDarkTheme_XDA.ab
    Linux Terminal: ./adb restore YouTubeDarkTheme_XDA.ab
  10. You should see a message telling you to unlock your phone and confirm the restore operation.How to Enable YouTube for Android Dark Theme without root or modified apk
  11. On your smartphone, you should see a fullscreen prompt requesting you approve a “full restore of all data.” Accept it without entering a password (the file we made doesn’t need one). Pressing “Restore My Data” will not wipe or replace any of your phone’s data (except YouTube’s settings, which is our goal here), so don’t worry.
  12. After a few seconds, the fullscreen prompt should disappear. If you are already in the YouTube app, it should reload with the dark theme present. If you weren’t already in the app, just open it up and it should load with the theme. There’s a small chance YouTube might force close, but this can safely be ignored by just re-opening the app.


Congratulations, you should now have YouTube for Android’s dark theme enabled! You won’t see the toggle in settings, so if you want to turn off the dark mode you’ll have to clear YouTube’s app data.

How to get Previous white mode

For previous white mode youtube app you have to uninstall the app and then go to location


Then delete this folder and install youtube app again. Then you can see white youtube again. If you want to Apply Dark mode in YouTube without Root theme again the you have to apply all the steps again and then you can use the dark theme in youtube again. This theme is good and eye catching so you can use this theme and then uninstall if you don’t LIKE the theme.

This theme is good for watching videos at night and also battery saver as dark mode turns off some pixels of screen and then instead of white light pixel doesn’t emit any light for dark theme and this saves our phone batter and also makes battery time more than previous. You can also see brightness of light in case of dark theme is less.

Please share the article and also tell everybody about how can we use Youtube theme without rooting our android




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