Install togetu app and get a lottery ticket worth Rs. 1 crore. AFTER completing one task in app you will get a lottery ticket. The lottery ticket is of worth 1 crore Indian rupees. So now the only thing you have to do in the app is install and get a lottery ticket. But its a ticket of Rs 1 crore, so its not easy to get the ticket. There are some tasks in app which you have to complete to win Rs 1 crore for free.

togetU app is released sometimes ago and its the same app like musically and other apps. In this app you can share videos and can get a chance to be famous on app. togetu app is only a video sharing app where you can share videos upto 15 seconds long. The options like trom, effects, speed up, slow are available in app. And this app adds your video at the top so that everybody can see it. You will get 500 to 1k views on app easily and 20 to 100 like if you are new.

The app also have amazing growth and you can get fans on app easily. You just need to post videos on app and get can views and fans easily. Now the main tasks is about getting Rs 1 crore rupees in app. togetu app offers lottery ticket of Rs 1 crore rupees in which you have to complete one task and can get ticket for free. The only thing is you have to complete the task

Lottery ticket worth Rs 1 crore

First of all the main thing is you have to install the app and then complete the tasks. The tasks is you have to get 6 city cards to get that lottery ticket. The 6 cities card of mumbai, bengaluru, chennai, delhi, hyderabad, kolkata only. Now the main task in app is how to get these 6 city cards.

You have must get 6 city cards to get the lottery ticket. On getting all the cards you will get the lottery ticket of togetu app. So the main task left is how to get cards in togetu app easily.

In the app there are some tasks which gives you cards, so please complete all tasks and you may get all tasks, and if not then also read this post after completing the tasks.

STEP 1 Install togetU app from here only, in the app if you will install this app from my link then you will get 1 card for free after installing. So instead of getting zero cards install from my link. Enter code 3232751 to get it. see picture below where to enter this code. See the first picture. (+1 card, TOTAL 1 CARD)


STEP 2 After installing app, you will get a screen of register to WIN 1 CRORE RUPEES. Just click over that.

STEP 3 Now first complete you profile. You need to select gender, bio and dob. You will get 1 card for doing this. (+1 card, TOTAL 2 CARDS)

STEP 4 Now post a video in app. You can post any video and if its not banned by togetU App then you will get 1 card. (+1 card, TOTAL 3 CARDS)

STEP 5 Now watch other people videos for 5 minutes in app. After watching videos for 5 minutes you will get 1 card. (+1 card, TOTAL 4 CARDS)

After  completing these, you have 4 cards. Now in these 4 cards you may get all 4 city cards or may better luck next time. So you have to collect as maximum cards you can collect. Because all cards don’t have city card in it. Some cards also gives better luck next. So now you have to collect extra cards.

The tasks id of 9 days, and result of togetu app will release on 9 January 2019. So till then you have two options to get extra cards. And after getting all cards you will get the ticket of togetu app.

You can get 2 cards daily for login daily in app. So till 9 jan 2019 you can get 18 cards and also 1 card daily for watching videos for 5 minute. The other option is to get maximum cards. You have to share this app with you friends. And on every share you will get 2 cards, but only if they enter your code.

Also to get 1 chance extra of STEP 1 you have to enter my code also. which is 3232751 AND you have 1 extra card. Also you may get same cities cards. So you can share your extra cards with you friend. Like if you have 9 mumbai cards and zero delhi cards. Then you can share your mumbai card in replace of delhi card. This way you will get all cities cards which gives 1 crore rupees.

Now you just need to install the app, complete the steps and get cards. If you will lucky then you can collect all city cards. And on getting all cards you will get a lottery ticket from togetu app. You can win RS 1 CRORE RUPEES on the lottery ticket. Sp just complete the tasks and get a chance to win 1 crore rupees

At last you have to enter bank details and paytm number and your mobile number. If you win 1 crore rupees then 1 crore rupees will be transferred to your bank account. If you don’t have bank account then you can give paytm number and as per companies policies you may get money in paytm bank account which you can access from your paytm account.

Install togetu app and earn lottery ticket of 1 crore rupees to get free paytm cash and earn money in bank account safely and also complete tasks to get money and cards in app


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