Trap Adventure 2 is an android and iOS game which is most hilarious game of all time and marked the best difficult mobile game of the year. This game is said difficult to play because in this game its not specified that how and when the obstacles to kill you came up because like in mario game when you touches the Goomba ( The brown enemy) then for sure you will loose your life.

Likewise in this game when you are going forward then obstacles to kill you originates from nowhere and this is the best part of the game because you can complete any game easily like any game in the world because there you know how to complete an what to do to complete the stages and tricks to save you from your enemies in the game itself but in Trap adventure 2 you will not.

The other amazing part of this game is it is available in 2 version called Trap adventure and Trap adventure 2 and if you will start playing this game then you will not find it easy, first you can start with Trap adventure and after weeks of playing you can go for Trap adventure 2 which is just released for android devices also.

While playing this game you can also break your Android phone or iPhone and can also throw it away but play with tricks and you can complete the game within seconds. Trap adventure 2 now became the most hardest game ever.

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Trap adventure 2 – Best game of year  2018

Now to download and play trap adventure 2 you have to prepare yourself for going into hardest or difficult level of your game playing or you have to improve your gaming skills because of difficulties of games Trap adventure 2 became the best game of year 2018, Trap Adventure 2 is most hilarious game of all time.

You will find adventure at every place of game. You can’t even know how to play the game because there are obstacles at every place and the most amusing thing is they are hidden and very fast in motion. Amazing part of the game is at At every place of game you will though what do i do now. That’s why i said that now its time to come to improve your gaming skills to next level because it not easy as you are thinking.

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The download link to download this game is provide below for android only. The game isn’t available easily so you can directly download from below link. The Trap Adventure 2 Game is only available for iOS in Appstore and not available for Android in Playstore. But Don’t worry it doesn’t means its not available for Android. You can download the game from the download button given below. And if you want to see the complete video of level completion then it is also given below, which you can directly play from YouTube here itself.

Adventure of Game

Most difficult mobile game

1. You have to complete this game within only 10 leaves or only 1 Life (choice is yours). But it starts to increase if you cannot complete in 10 leaves only.

2. At every place there is a hidden obstacle.

3. At every place you have to find how to play the GAME to come over the obstacle.(this is the adventure)

4. You will think you got it but soon you will loose.

5. Play and see how far you can go.

Trap adventure 2 – YouTube video


for android mobile, Trap adventure 2

Android [appbox googleplay com.clancystudios.retrottrapadventureandroid ]

iOs [appbox appstore 1110037150 ]

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