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This is the most usable place that people uses to get free instagram followers. Just tell us how much followers you want and within 10 minutes you can get all instagram followers for free. You just need to enter your username and you can get followers

Plus followers X Lite


Using my apps you can get 1000 instagram followers very easily for free. You just need to checkout how to use the app and start getting followers today. And you can also watch my youtube video


How to use?
And why free?

All the queries like HOW TO USE and WHY ITS FREE are answered below. If you understands Hindi then watch my YouTube video to operate this app and if not then everything is setup below

How to use?
3 steps process

Step 1. Make one fake instagram account

You need to login with one instagram account in Plus followers X lite and the instagram account following automatically start increasing which you will use to login. So please make sure make one fake instagram account. And you can still get followers in your real account. I have shown one example below.


This is an image

Step 2. Complete app tasks

There are 3 tasks in app which you need to follow and that are very simple and will took you 120 seconds to complete. These tasks must be completed every time to get followers. This is the reason WHY ITS FREE

This is an image

Step 3. Enter username and get followers

Then you just need to login with fake instgaram account and after that you can send likes, send followers, send comments, send views and anything you want. Just tap on send followers and enter your instagram username and click send.

Step to use this app

  1.  First of download the Plus followers X lite app (How to download is told in video above)
  2. Then install the app (Turn on unknown sources if havn’t done)
  3. Then open the app and you will see the main screen of the app
  4. At the top it is a MESSAGE section that i uses to send important things
  5. Below there is a TUTORIAL button that you can use to see How to use the app
  6. If you want to start then click on Green tick bar
  7. After that you will see three tasks given you to perform which will take 120 seconds
  8. Click on click me and some ads will open click on any ad and wait for 30 seconds
  9. Then come back to app and cut the ads if open (you have to come to the same screen where you clicked on that button called click me)
  10. After that new button will come for TASK 2 called Now click me and do the same you have did for Task 1
  11. Do same for steps 3
  12. Since in every task you have to wait for 30 second after you click on ad, so it will take theoritically  90 seconds, and if practically seen it will take 120 seconds means 2 min
  13. After that you will see a button called Get FREE followers
  14. Click on that button and you will see 3 sources
  15. Click on Source 1 or Source 2
  16. Then you will see a page opened.
  17. Click on Giriis given at the TOP-RIGHT
  18. Then have to login with fake instagram account
  19. After that you will see apage for getting followers (This may take 2 minutes)
  20. Then click on send followers and enter your username
  21. After that enter 1000 and click send.
  22. It may take 5 minutes and you will get your followers
  23. You can also send likes from there which need photo link
  24. You can also send comments which need posts link
  25. This method works only one time in one hour so please try after one hour if you done.

English AUDIO Video


Q1. After completing 3 tasks I’m not able to login in app

Answer. The error comes in app (called cipher is not correct) when your account is not working. So please open your fake instagram account in instagram app at the same time when you get this error.

Q2. Why i have to create fake instgram account?

Answer. The account which we uses to signin in the app gets increase in following to large number. So make fake account rather than using real account

Q3. How much followers i can get using Plus followers X lite?

Answer, You can get 500 followers every hour. Because this trick works only one time in one hour. So after getting 500 followers you can get next 500 after one hour

Q4. Why Plus followers app series always gets so much updates?

Answer  May be you also thinking that why i have made so much app called Plus followers X lite, Plus followers X, Plus followers Lite, Plus followers 4, Plus followers 3 and other. The reason is all apps won’t works for long time so i need to update the app everytime and thats why i gives new name to it but after this i will start giving version name.

Q5. I haven’t got any followers?

Answer; Its impossible if you haven’t get followers after using my latest app. But if you are using old apps then it is normal. Please always up to date.

Q6. Do i will loose these followers?

Answer. Since these are not bots and are real poeple like you and me so its their own choice to unfollow you. But don’t worry you will not loose all your followers. It is like 20% of all you gets everytime.

Q7. Can i get likes and Comments using PLUS FOLLOWERS X

Answer. Yes you can not only get followers but also likes and comments also. You need to copy the photo/ image link and send likes and for comments copy post link and send comments.


We have sent over 10M followers to over 100,000 accounts and processing over 50 thousand requests daily. Keep updated with me on the site.