If you have no link button on instagram story then don’t worry because i know how to enable this option. Instgaram is one of most used platform by many people these days. And according to social data most of people are found on instagram. So this tool is used by many people and also business man to grow their business and people to earn money. In instagram if you want to share your business or want to promote your business.

Then you need people to redirect to your website or youtube videos. But if have no link button on instagram story then its impossible to share link. This is most desired tool that everybody want on their instagram stories. But its not given to all and good thing is it don’t requires verified profiles. So the thing is what we need to do to get this button so that we can add link in stories. Guys its not simple at all but also not difficult.

For getting a button to add link in instagram stories, you need to fulfill some conditions that is not simple but possible. Because i have made everything for you to get this link option. And you only need to follow all the steps to get link option. After getting this link button you can directly add link in instagram stories of any video and website. And this is really good way to redirect followers to your website.

The two main things that are required to get add link button on stories is

  1. Business Profile
  2. Minimum 10k followers

Don’t worry about instagram followers because i have many ways to get 1000 followers every day. By this helps you to get 10k followers in 10 to 15 days only. So if you have have no link button on instagram story then don’t worry

How to get free instagram followers everyday

I have lot of apps and videos on youtube about getting instagram followers. This can help you to get 10k followers in 10 days only. You can also get these followers in 5 days only. There are lot of apps to get instagram followers but not all working. I have some apps which are really working good and can help you to get followers. The only thing you have to do is follow the video and get free followers. Also this doesn’t require anything to do.

In the image above you can see i have 14.1k instagram followers and i have made a business profile. This can be seen by tag written Information Technology company below my name. So i have satisfied both conditions of business profile and followers, i got link button. The button to add link option in instgaram stories appears as you complete this threshold. I will tell you about everything like how to get free followers and how to get this button.

To get free instagram followers you can use my apps that i have used to get 3000 followers on instagram because when i was in 7000 i made this method. This is very simple you can watch my videos and you can use this. You can get free instagram followers everyday. I’m just writing about some Instagram conditions that you have to follow so that your account will not blocked.

  • Don’t follow or unfollow more than 40 people in 10 minutes
  • Don’t follow or unfollow more than 100 people in one hours
  • Don’t use your real account to get followers
  • Don’t follow more than 1000 people in 1 day
  • Don’t be spammy on instagram

On not following any one of the norm then your account will be blocked and this can also leads to getting no link option. I have made lot of videos for this and you can get instagram followers daily. The thing i want to tell you before start getting followers is that, if you will use your account to get followers then your following will automatically increase. I mean following not followers. Like your profile will start to follow people without your permission which is not good.


So please don’t use your real account, i have also explained this in my video like how to use another instagram account to get followers in your real account. Like if you have two instagram account and you want to get followers in your real account but no accepting to increase your following then use your second IG account to get followers in 1st account. This way instagram account will be secured and you will also get free followers. Now you can watch my video

How to start for this (Hindi Audio)

How to get instagram followers (English Audio)

How to have free instagram followers (Hindi sound)

How to make business profile

Its very simple to make one business profile on instagram and you can then get the option to get amazing link button. On making business profile you will start seeing a promote button on your profile. And you need to add email or contact info. Also after making business profile you will get analytics(completeinfo) of your profile. Like how many people following you, what gender, what is the location, how many people have seen your profile, how many clicked on website.


no link option in instagram

you can see that business profile have all the analytics. This is very good feature like if you are making business then its useful. Now we will check how to make business profile. Please follow below steps

Setting/ Switch to business account


I mean you will find this option in settings. You need to have facebook page for this and the facebook page category can be seen in page. Now after getting 10,000 folllowers on instagram and making business account you have to post one image on instagram. On completing 3 to 4 hours you will get the option to add link in instagram stories. Also remember that on losing any one one condition you will loose the add link button.

Please share the post with your friends and people who want to do this and also its doesn’t require you to pay THIS IS FREE.



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