Many people want to get verified on instagram but they don’t know How to get blue tick on instagram and some people thinks we need million of followers on instagram to get instagram blue tick. But if i can tell you that to get instagram blue tick, you don’t need millions of followers because there are many profiles and pages on instagram who have millions of followers but don’t have instagram blue tick and many people have even 25 thousand followers but they are instagram verified.

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Getting instagram verified or instagram blue tick means you are officially verified by instagram. But this is now the sign of popularity because according to instagram only some popular people or celebrities are instagram verified and no ordinary people are able to get verified on instagram. That’s why getting instagram blue tick is now sign of popularity. But the thing is most people thinks that they need followers in millions to get verified on instagram because they have never seen any account with less followers and instagram verified.

Here i will show you the real scenario that why that people with very less followers are verified on instagram and why not people having followers in millions are verified. And i will also show you that how you can get verified on instagram or how to get blue tick on instagram. Because if don’t need followers in millions on instagram then you can also verify you instagram account and can get blue tick on Instagram.

But all this process requires some conditions that you account must satisfy and if it will satisfy all the conditions then within one or two week you will get verified on instagram. The complete process about What to do? and How to do? is explained to get verified instagram account.

Verify instagram account

Now to verify instagram account you need to have fulfill some conditions. There are some steps that you can follow to see whether you can verify your instagram account or not. Now first of all i will explain about how instagram algorithm works to make decision whether to verify people or not and its also available for everyone which is self given by instagram but nobody know how to use this tool.

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The Instagram algorithm first checks about your profile, it does not check about how much followers you have but it checks about everything that your profile have. So take note of all the thins that instagram algorithm first checks in you account and then take decision whether to verify you account or not.

  1. It checks about how much likes you have on latest post versus your old post.
  2. It checks about how much views you got on your videos uploaded on instagram
  3. It checks about how much story view you got from people, and this is the most important part.
  4. It also checks about your activity on instagram and how much posts you have uploaded.
  5. Last it checks about your profile like given in Social Blade.

Now this is very important part and it all tells about your popularity on instagram. If you ar popular then you can get verified on instagram easily even if you have very less followers but if you are noyt popular then you can’t get verified on instagram. Now what you can do to find whether you are popular enough to get verified on instagram and for that you have to check your instagram profile on Social Blade. And if you can see a symbol of this user is extremely trending then you just need to request instagram that please verify my instagram account.

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First of all go to  Social Blade and select instagram profile, then enter your instagram username and you can see data related to you on instagram. If there is a sign at the top left that is user is extremely trending then you can verify yourself on instagram and if there is no sign then you can get verified on Instagram.

What are other ways to get verified.

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See many people thinks that they can give money to any company and they will verify their Instagram account. But its a complete fraud because nobody in this whole world can verify you except instgaram. People believes on this fraud because earlier in reality some companies takes around $3000 to $9000 to verify you instagram account and they really verifies your instagram account. But this is just a bug in system which is further fixed by instagram and now only instagram can verify your account and they never ask you for money. So never believes in frauds. And if you really want to get verified on instagram then you need to be active and have to become popular so that you can get easily verified. Also if you buy followers then instagram can detect this easily and then you will never get verified on instagram.

How to get verified on instagram without popularity

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There is still a way to get verified on instagram without becoming popular, because in this way even if you are not popular but you can trick instagram to that you are popular. See Dhinchak pooja from india is not so much popular on instagram but even then she is verified due to this trick ( but she has not used it). The trick to get verified on instagram without popularity is impersonation on instagram, which not many people have heard of. Impersonation means that if anybody tries to show that you are he/she on instagram. Means they uses your identity to gain followers.

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You may also have seen this that people makes fake accounts of popular people to gain followers. This is called impersonation and if this increases due to huge amount then instagram verifies the real account on instagram. Now if people will start making fake accounts of your name on instagram and if the amount of fake accounts become huge then instgaram will verify you as real owner of account to make believe that you are the real person who own this account.



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