Getting followers in instagram is not an easy task these days. And lot of people want to have great amount of followers on instagram to become insta-famous. So to get followers on instagram for free you can simply use some apps which gives free followers on instagram. Now we know that lot of website on internet asks for survey and verification’s which never completes and at the end we just left with time wasting.

get followers on instagram for free

But here i will not show you websites or apps which asks for these kinds of things. And will give you free instagram followers no verification and free instagram followers no survey. Now before showing you how to get free instagram followers i also want to state that using this method you will not become insta-famous because those followers don’t know who are you. And if you want to make them your real followers then don’t forgot to interact with them.

Why interaction is important?

Since after getting followers if you will not interact with those people then they will surely unfollow you after some time, but use my one time interaction formula to make your real followers. According to me if you will message them and ask for how are you, and where are you from? like basic questions and just interact with them for first time then this can make a long lasting impact that they will never unfollow you

get followers on instagram for free

By doing this you will start increasing you likes on posts and views on videos one by one. And at the end of day you will left with so many real active instagram followers who actually follows you from their heart. So first use some apps to gain some followers and then apply this trick

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Free instagram followers app

Now there are many apps available on internet to get free instagram followers but all apps not works well except some good and trust worthy apps. so here is the list of all apps that gives real active followers and also if you only want to increase your followers by some amount no matter they are active or not then you can use first app.

1. 1 Click = 100 Instagram followers

In the video given below i have explained about how to get free instagram followers. There are actually some websites giving free instagram followers. Here you can get 100 free instagram followers in just 1 click and every hour. Because this process updates every hour. So every hour you can ask for 100 free instagram followers. Watch the video after reading this post


2. Get followers app

This app is used from long time to get followers on instagram for free. The thing is app doesn’t give active followers so it is only used to increase followers amount. But if you want to get active followers then never use this app. The complete process to use this app is given in YouTube tutorial here.

3. instaLy

InstaLy is the most use app from last some months to get followers on instagram for free. Because in other apps you have to gain some coins to get followers on instagram for free but in this app you just need to enter how much instagram followers you want.

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In this app you can get maximum of 120 followers in one hour and minimum 50 followers in one hour. But all these followers are free and you don’t need to collect coins to get followers on instagram for free. The youtube video tutorial and app link is given below.

Download instaLy

4. Neutrino app

Neutrino app is also another amazing app which is available on playstore. The good thing about this app is they promotes your account instead of sending you followers. Promoting your instagram account really can give great amount of followers but followers rate may vary time to time. To know how to use neutrino app to get followers on instagram for free. An these are free instagram followers no verification or free instagram followers no survey.


so you can watch this tutorial and apply same on you account to get free instagram followers

Free Instagram followers trial

There are some website on internet which provides free instagram followers trial without verification’s and survey. Here you just need to enter your username and email address to get followers on instagram for free and this is free instagram followers trial. Which means you can get these free followers only one time. They will send you 10 free instagram followers to use this trial

free instagram followers trial

Instagram followers trial

So using these free instagram followers app you can get followers on instagram for free, i recommend you to use instaLy app at least one time to test how it is working for you and also other apps like get followers ( to increase followers number) or Neutrino (to get active followers) are also very good among all other apps. In spite you can also use free instagram followers trial But main this is you need to interact with them and by this method you will get free instagram followers no verification and survey.

NOTE: These app also uses you account to follow other because these services are for free so they uses you account. If anytime you want them to stop using your account then simply change your instagram password.

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  1. I lost my previous insta account so I created my new account and I don’t have any followers please do something and give me some followers if you don’t mind sir.


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