To install iOS on android you need to go through lot of things so while installing you will not brick your device, in this post I will show you the complete procedure on how to install ios on android and will provide you iOS zip file for android. Since iOS has beautiful designed User interface (UI) due to which it has lot of popularity in the market because everybody want a simple and smooth user interface to use their mobile devices.

But coming to android the UI is not as good looking and  smooth as iOS user interface. But we can still install ios on android and its not hard to install iOS on android because developer has made the ported rom for android and provided us the ios zip file for android, some devices install ios 9 zip file for android but some can install the new iOS 11

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Since lot of android devices supports the latest ios 11 but not all and in some android devices you can only install ios7 or ios 9 but in some android devices you cannot install ios rom because they are no more supported or developer has not made any ported ios rom for their android devices.

Here i will provide you with ios zip file for android and this file must be for you android device only because installing wrong file on android device may hard brick the device which means it can never be repaired again or very hard to repair which is not easy for even professionals so try at your own risk. But before installing you can go through this post to know whether my device will brick or not and if it will not brick then you are ready to install ios on android.

Install iOS on android

So to install iOS on android you have to make sure about how to install the custom recovery and how to root your mobile, since ios for android is a custom rom and installing custom rom needs custom recovery like CWM recovery or TWRP recovery. Most people uses TWRP recovery so first of all before installing iOS you need to root your phone and then have to install TWRP recovery. If you are not able to root your phone then you can watch my video given below.

How to install TWRP Recovery and ROOT

Now after watching this video you will know how to root your mobile and install TWRP recovery

NOTE: if you are not able to root your phone then first you need to install TWRP Recovery by watching this youtube video given above and then have to install super su zip file from here

iOS Zip file for android

Since to install iOS on your android you need to download ios zip file for android but most people downloads the wrong file and damages/ brick their devices so please read this carefully to download the right ios zip file for your android.

ios 9 zip file for android

Since developer has not made iOS zip file or ported iOS ROM for all devices so if you will not able to find iOS zip file for your android using my method then it means there is no ios zip file for your android and you can’t install. Then you have to ask any developer to port ios rom for your device.

Also check Android hacking apps and files

To find the ios rom for your android go to Google and write Download iOS zip file for (Your device name) like Download iOS zip file for Redmi Note 4

If you want to DOWNLOAD specific iOS rom like iOS 7 or iOS 9 or iOS 11 then you have to search in this manner, Download ios 9 zip file for (your mobile name) and this way you will get ios 9 zip file for android. If while searching you gets result related to your device only then download that iOS file, mostly the results comes from XDA developer. But if you are not able to find any result related to your device then never download or install that ios file on your android because that is not made for your android and installing that ios zip file will damage your phone and you will hard brick your android which means its not easy to repair.

Procedure to install iOS on android

Download iOS zip file

Since first you need to download the RIGHT ios zip file for your android because if it is not for your android then you will damage your phone

Installation through TWRP custom recovery

  1. First create the backup of you android phone
  2. Now go to TWRP Recovery mode by pressing special keys combination ( search for your android on google)
  3. Now on TWRP Recovery click on wipe and clear you phone data. (This step will erase your phone data but you can also skip this step but this step is recommended )
  4. Now come back and click on install.
  5. Select the download iOS ZIP file and then swipe to right to install.

install ios zip file for android

  1. After that swipe to right to start installing and then reboot your device.

ios zip file error

  1. If while installing you will get any error, it means ios zip file is corrupted or not for your phone
  2. To solve the error and you can search on google like solved (error name).
  3. After this you are successful to install iOS on android.

Please also share this post with your friends and comment down below for any questions like how to get ios zip file or specific ios zip file like ios 9 zip file for android or ios for android and i will reply you within less time.



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