These are 10 best miui themes of 2018. Xiaomi miui is the no.1 best selling brand of india and no matters we love xiaomi for making such amazing mobile. Here i’m showing you 10 best miui themes of 2018 for both MIUI 8, 9 and MIUI 10 that you can use to make your device look amazing. These are some best themes that we have selected after trying all the themes available in Theme store. And these themes are highly used by the users with rating from users having amazing wallpapers, icons, user interface and buttons.

These themes are available for both 5.5″ screen inches mobile and 6.00″ screen inches mobile having screen ratio 18:9. You can use these themes in both types of screen sizes but not all themes are available for all the mobiles. But still 5.5 inches screen sizes mobile can use all the themes. There is some restriction for 6.00″ screen sizes mobile because the screen size optimization is not in all the themes so some themes kind a look like out of screen which is not looking right.

miui 10 themes 2018


Now this is the Top 10 best miui themes of 2018, Which is made after trying almost all the themes of theme store. Th themes are available with link of themes which will directly redirect you to theme store of miui themes. Keep in mind that these themes are only available for Redmi devices and not all devices can use these themes, so please use Redmi mobiles only. If you are unable to apply any theme or all themes then please ask for help and we will respond shortly.


1. Mickey V10- Best miui theme of 2018

Mickey V10 is best themes from all other themes and thats why we have given it first position in our list. This theme is amazing with amazing wallpaper looking white. This theme has nice icons and user interface and thats why it is the best miui themes of 2018. You can see the pictures of this theme having a amazing look. The theme is made by Designer Mickey and thats why its name is Mickey V10.

best miui theme







Theme link

SIZE 21.41 MB

This theme has a great combination of colors and gives an amazing look, the icons and colours are amazing makes the theme simple and eye catching. I’m sure after installing you definitely use it for atleast 1 month, or may be for 1 year.

2. Ios MDS 3.5

This theme is based on iOS. The complete look and style of this theme is taken from iOS but not everything which makes it better theme for 18:9 devices. The best part is it has iOS icons and Dialer and other UI (user interface) is like iOS. So you must try this theme.







Theme link

SIZE 14.22 MB


One Plus 5 is an amazing theme with complete look of One Plus device. The theme has user interface like One plus 5 and also the icons and other menus are alike OP5. This theme is because of good style and amazing looks has got 3rd place in the list and available for all devices. The screen ratio of this theme is not 18:9 so Redmi 5 plus, Redmi note 5, Redmi Note 5 pro, Redmi y2 and MI 8 will not support this theme with size but still if you will change the wallpaper then it will look great.

The themes not made for 18:9 have just problem in size and scale. The theme if applied in 18:9 screen then Wallpaper will make a black strip at below and will not fit in screen, also the 4 button ( Dialer, messages, contacts, browser and other) will step upward. The wallpaper problem can be solved by changing wallpaper but buttons problem cannot be changed.

Theme link

SIZE 26.63 MB

4. MIOS Ice NY

This theme is the 2nd theme that i have used for the long time. The theme is really amazing, it has good style and its user interface is cool. The theme has an superb lock screen with amazing combination of Time array. The theme also has simple but eye catching notification panel and quick setting bar. The icons of this theme are superb, and this is the first theme i have used which has rounded shape used in User interface design. The theme has blue color as primary and most people like this color.

Theme link

SIZE 12.24 MB

5. My OREO

My oreo is made for Android 8. Which has design and looks of android 8. My OREO has icons style and scaling looks like pixel mobiles and the design of dialer, lockscreen and main screen alike Android 8. The design of all iocns including all apps icons and other battery cons, tower icon, wifi icon are are look alike pixel devices and thats why this theme has name Android 8. This theme will give you pixel and stock os experience. The icons are in rounded shape and looks amazing. You can directly check the theme by clicking.

Theme link

SIZE 18.95 MB

6. Limitless kopok

If you are waiting for Miui 10, then you should once use this theme. Because this theme is made after so much demand of MIUI 10 and amazing thing it has every thing like MIUI 10 including icons, quick setting panel, notification area and separate brightness slider. The theme has all the quick setting icons like Miui 10 which are taken from Android 9 or Android P. I have used this theme before and it will provide you miui 10 experience while taking USER interface.

Theme link

SIZE 7.56 MB

Turn of data usage info for brightness slider separation.

7. Pure android P

This theme is inspired from Android P design having amazing android P design and also the icons are same like pixel devices have. This theme is made for android P lover and it has great design and wallpaper used. The icons used in shape are rounded and the Google search array is alike Pixel phones. The settings panel or notification panel has great design for icons and is arranged in 3×6 shape. Also has great blue color used for making which makes it great.

Theme link

SIZE 19.47 MB

8. Pure s9 os

If you are samsung lover then you will definitely like this theme and also install it. The theme has icons like samsung but not alike. Still this theme is for samsung lovers because its look like using samsung phone. This theme also has blue color used for theme making and most of its colors are in blue which gives it bluish look. The theme is made like in SAMSUNG S9 and you will get like using samsung phone.

Theme link

SIZE 18.58 MB

9. Pixel Green

The most annoying thing i found on pixel themes is the small icons which are too much spaced but this is the first theme that has big rounded icons like iOS have and i like this theme so much due to this act of making. The theme has Green color used for making which looks cool. Also theme has flat design and wallpaper used of Pixel 2

Theme link not available

SIZE 12.49 MB

10. Pure iOS 11

Everything is given in the video.



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